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What are Aerial Circus Arts?

Aerial Circus Arts are a combination of circus and acrobatics that provide an exciting and challenging approach to fitness training and creative expression for all levels of fitness. Developing skills in aerial circus arts builds strength & flexibility, poise and self-confidence and provides a unique challenge that involves acquiring increased levels of strength and body awareness to learn to navigate space in a whole new way. The appeal of aerial circus arts ranges from the athletic and adventurous to the curious and creative.

Laws of Motion has partnered with the expert clinicians from Aerial Antics to offer classes, workshops and private lessons for all levels of ability. Our aerial circus arts offerings include a variety of apparatuses, including fabric (silks), aerial hoop (lyra), rope (corde lisse), hammock and static trapeze. Level 100 classes provide an introduction to skills and offer an excellent foundation in the basic techniques that you’ll need to move to the next levels. Students move forward according to lesson plan and ability; when you’ve mastered basic skills, you’ll be ready to move on to more advanced levels.

Monthly Circus Jams 

When: The last Saturday of each month from 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: $10 at the door.

Who can attend: Those curious about circus arts, amateurs and professionals. Must be 13+ or accompanied by close adult supervision.

What to expect: Come to socialize and practice your circus skills in our wide open space. Lots of room for hooping, juggling, spinning (poi), handstands, acroyoga and of course flying on lyras and fabric. No lessons will be provided as this time is meant for practicing your skills and meeting others from the circus arts community. Aerial fabric and lyra (aerial hoop) will be available as well as some other equipment but we encourage you to bring your own hula hoops, juggling gear and poi. 

Meet our Instructors

Melissa Landry

Melissa has been teaching and performing on aerial silks since 2012. It is the wraps, drops, twists and dives that drive her to continue but also the personal satisfaction in achieving the unexpected. Melissa continues to add different forms of aerial arts to her teaching and performances including lyra (aerial hoop), static trapeze, rope (corde lisse) and sling. Melissa has professional certification (New England Center for Circus Arts) and training from circus schools and aerial performance professionals in Canada and the United States. Melissa offers instruction in both English and Spanish.

Jayna Moar

Jayna has been teaching and performing on aerial silks since 2013. The strength, stamina and flexibility required for aerials keeps Jayna motivated to reach new heights. As a Registered Yoga Teacher with Alliance Canada since 2008, Jayna brings the mind, body, spirit philosophy to her teaching and performances. Jayna has professional certification (New England Center for Circus Arts) and training from circus schools and aerial performance professionals in Canada and the United States.   

Olivia Carey

Olivia fell in love with circus arts when she took her first aerial hoop class in 2011. She loves the challenge of learning new tricks and poses. She also loves to see her students surprise themselves and grow in their ability. Olivia combines her passion for dance, strength and flexibility in her teaching. She believes that anyone is capable of progress with patience and steady practice. Overall Olivia believes it is most important to enjoy movement and let yourself "sparkle." Olivia offers instruction in both English and French.

Jonathan Butler

Jonathan began his aerial circus arts journey in 2009. As his passion for all things aerial grew he began coaching and performing with Acri-Adixin in St. John's, Newfoundland. Jonathan is a proficient coach of fabric (silks), rope (corde lisse) and flying and static trapeze. Circus arts have made a significant positive impact on who he is today, the only thing Jon says he likes more than Circus Arts, is sharing all that is circus with others! 

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